Dropping F​-​Bombs


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3rd full length album release! 4th if you count our Brad Habit release which many people consider to be our 3rd album. People are dumb though.
Make sure you check out all of our stuff available on here if you have not done so already.

Produced by IDFK

Mixed by Eric

Mastered by Justin Perkins


released December 31, 2014



all rights reserved


IDFK Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

A new album every year since 2011 and we're good for a few more years to come!

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Track Name: Back to Basics
My head hurts from all this thinking so much uncertainty. We just need to do it ourselves stop our dependency.
We've finally had enough don't need you to lead us. It's great, the feeling of losing all that weight.
I guess were saying that we don't need you. Unnecessary things you put us through. Everything has been cleared out of our way, back to basics just like it used to be.
We want rely on anyone our reborn synergy. Back into place is our approach to quench our creativity. Where done let's get back to having fun.
Back to basics, just like it used to be.
Track Name: Conspiracy
An insatiable desire gonna to be another trial by fire, every action is sure to open a can of worms. Futile attempt because it'll never burn.
Don't use your mind, you don't need it. Don't pay no mind, lay there and take it.
An unlimited amount, too many outlets in and out. This thing called society I have no use for it. Extreme ignorance.
No longer a recluse self-inflicted mental abuse, fabricated nonsense must be employed. Show me again how much it needs to be destroyed.
An unbelievable amount of ignorance.
Track Name: Joel Thinks I'm Cynical
He says there's nothing that I like, I think he may be right and after all this time I'm taking notice. Everything I'll criticize, I cut right down to size. There's reasons for these underlying motives.
Maybe it's my old age that makes me feel this way. The reason behind I say the things I say. I just simply can't put my finger on it why I'm so full of this hatred.
Joel thinks I'm cynical and I'm starting to believe it's true.
I sit here hating everything and all life has to bring. I wonder where all this anger came from. Now I just want to know why I turned into that guy I promised myself that I'd never become.
Track Name: Scatterbrain
Don't think him insane he's only scatterbrain. You'll just have to wait he cannot concentrate. The things you say won't matter anyway, all things forgotten in a brain that's rotten.
His thoughts, they wander when he tries to ponder the meaning of anything at all.
Don't think him insane he's just a scatterbrain. He's always busy yet he don't finish anything. His brain is flowing with lots of dopamine. No need to mention you can't hold his attention.
His brain is stutters, yeah, it's such a wonder that he can do anything at all.
That he can do anything at all.
They say he won't amount to anything at all.
Or maybe he's been a genius all along.
Track Name: Infamy
On your behalf they're having fun but you're not respected by anyone, they're all talking behind your back. Exploitation of your face like you're not a member of the human race. Who you are is under attack.
I say no it's not alright with me. I said no not this kind of infamy. I say no it's not alright with me. If you only knew what they thought of you, they'd be your enemies.
You think you finally have it made but you're like an animal in a cage, attention coming from the wrong place. No one comes to your defense they are all laughing at your expense. The friends you chose were in bad taste.
If you only knew what they thought of you, they'd be your enemies.
Track Name: Phlebotomist
I'm always broke, yeah, I don't have a job, but finding cash has always run in my blood. Biolife might be my favorite place, that's where I get to see her face.
She hooks me up to a needle twice a week. If only she would hook up with me. If she would come home with me after the saline, I know that I could die happy.

Phlebotomist, I'm in love and there's no stopping it, Phlebotomist.

I always ask for her to do my stick. She's the only one that I trust with it. She says I'm a scrub and that she'll never love me. I guess I'll try again next week.

I think that she wishes I would die, but everything about her's worth a try. I know I'm not the first to fall in love with her so shut your mouth.
Track Name: Runaway
Can't wait for things to turn so I think I'll turn away. The writing's on the walls cannot erase the things I say. The way I am is not my fault I'm gonna blame this place. Once again I'll have to be displaced.
I can't make things right my tunnel has the wrong guiding light. I have no other choice to make than to run away.
Don't need to pack no bags, baggage is all I have. Off to yet another promised land.
Run away, you're always running away.
You'll never be OK.
Track Name: Oversensitive
You are one of the most thoughtful guys I've met and I don't understand why you get so upset. You try, deny, just like Charlie Brown. I just don't know why you let this world always bring you down.
You're way too oversensitive, your skin is way too thin. You'll always be under their control. Oversensitive, your skin is way too thin you'll always be under their control. Try not to be so emotional. Grow some balls and then let them be shown.
The smallest altercation makes you throw a fit. Although you're mad you're more hurt than you'd like to admit. Been down, too long, the ball is in your court. And no matter what you do stop selling your self short.
Don't be so oversensitive.
Let them be shown.
Start your decontrol.
Track Name: Extrodinarily Ordinary
Situation normal but not messed up, I'm a standard, typical, regular, every day chump. No, I don't think my life is so special but if you think I'm complaining you couldn't be more wrong.
I wouldn't want to change a single thing, I'm so set up content with everything. I don't know what else I have to say my life is extraordinarily ordinary.
Everyday things and how they are perceived, there's beauty in every day things it's up to you to see. To me it's so fundamental. If you are complaining you're doing it wrong.
Track Name: Dumber By the Day
Every morning when I get out of bed I know in my head more brain cells are dead. I can feel their numbers are dwindling down as I look around there's no hope to be found.
I gotta know what it's from, that's causing me to become more dumb. Is my TV making me a zombie? it's too much to overcome.
I'm getting dumber by the day. I'm getting dumber by the day.
I sit and stare in a motionless trance losing my chance while others advance.
I come up short for my quest for answers this mental disaster takes me backwards.
Opportunity has passed me by and I no longer wonder why.
I seal my fate as my brain radiates. I'm helpless as I watch my mind fry.
Track Name: Nutcase
Where is the sun I want to feel warmth on my skin. Kick start good feelings that are buried deep within.
Maybe I should seek some therapy because this is not how I want to be. I just need to get out of this place before I turned into a nutcase.
Maybe I should get up and wander round outside. Motivation is so hard when you don't feel alive.
Nutcase, I'm turning into a nutcase. I got to get out of this place. I have been down so very long. Am I too far gone? I hope I'm not too far gone.
Track Name: Cheapskate
When I'm out on a date I can't even concentrate I'm too concerned with how much money I'll spend. When I show up at her door her jaw nearly gets the floor. She recognizes the roses from the flowerbed of her neighbors home.
When I am out on a date I can't even concentrate I'm too concerned with how much money I'll spend. I can't take this anymore she wants the large soda and popcorn it'd be different if I didn't know how this night would end...all alone.
And it's my fault that I always end up being all alone.
It's my fault that I'm all alone.
Track Name: Heroin
Why do you push your luck? In dire need to become unstuck.
Think of all your friends that died, taken away before their time.
Why is it hard to admit? You must be an idiot.
It's a game you'll surely lose. Jolly pop, liquid death, infused.
You tell yourself that it's alright it couldn't be more black-and-white.
The pile of dead friends should prove that it could surely happen to you.
You must be an idiot, why is it so hard to admit?
You are not invincible why is this incomprehensible?
Track Name: Life's Great
You shouldn't blame God, your so called friends, ex, or parents.
To pass the blame and give up and just say life's a mess.
I'm sick of your whining but there's something I'll confess, I used to be just like you.
Life's great it's more than just getting by or just existing till you die. Life's great the seconds ticking by in our human perception of time.
You sheltered, lazy, nihilistic, self-centered kid, the universe might be huge but you're still part of it. I'm sick of your whining you annoying pessimist. I used to be just like you.