Nude, Crude, and Non​-​Tattooed


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Our sophomore "effort".


released December 1, 2012



all rights reserved


IDFK Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

A new album every year since 2011 and we're good for a few more years to come!

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Track Name: X-Kid
I try to act like I don't care but I think
I'm about to blow a fuse about to let loose
Why do you think you have the right
to tell me what to drink to tell me what to think

You're only 17, don't preach your shit to me
I've seen it before, pretentious kids that know everything
whose futures have in store; puking, pissing in your pants,
and passed out on the floor

I try to act like I don't care but i think
I'm about to explode about to unload
Why do you think your view is so much better from up there
you're in a self-absorbing snare

Straight edge is fine to me, but I'll be right you'll see
Track Name: Billy's Gonna Blow His Brains Out
He's just about out of luck, he just doesn't give a fuck.
He's made the call, he's gonna end it all.
A bullet to the head will be the end of him.
The slightest sign of being alive
is all it takes to make him want to die.
With his hand on the gun it will soon be done. Thinks he'll only find peace when he's buried six feet under.

Billy's gonna blow his brains out if he doesn't get the help he needs. He's gonna give life the ultimate fuck you. He's got his demons inside and it's their time to bleed.

His parents will blame the music but he only knows what the truth is. He's gonna lie and say everything's OK.
Track Name: Unreliable
You're so unreliable and it's almost maniacal
that I allow you to do this to me
I'm always thinking the best of you
though I know you won't come through
another second chance I'm giving for free

Fool me once same on you, fool me twice shame on me,
fool me thrice I think it's time to give up on you.

You're so unreliable and it's verifiable
by the other people you've let down
Your help is getting tinier and your excuses whinier
There's no longer a need to keep you around
Track Name: Death Bed
On your death bed what will your final thought be
what's in your head when you have your last dream

You wasted so much of your life
your hopes and dreams now shattered
you wasted so much of your life
On things that never mattered

There's no changin' all your choices set in stone
No rearrangin' while you're laying there alone
Track Name: I'm No Fun
Another Friday night at home nothing to do or where to go
remote control in my hand I'd watch more TV if it didn't suck so bad
I sit and play board games all night all by myself not a friend in sight
I'm addicted to the silence it's my own brand of self-inflicted violence

I don't need around every waking second of my life
telling me that...

I'm no fun at all
I'm no fun, but I'm pretty good at wasting time
I'm no fun at all
I'm no fun, but I won't call it quits and just give up on life

I spend my whole Saturdays on the couch playing video games
Sunday all I do is sleep no motivation for church
I'm becoming the black sheep
Track Name: Withdrawal
See my hands they're shakin'
See my eyes they're twichin'
There's something wrong my brain keeps on glitchin'

Feel my chest it's pounding
Inside my head it's achin'
I can't handle this abuse I'm takin'
Track Name: One of These Days
The other night while I was in bed
an unsettling thought came to me
If I die tonight, will things be all right
would I join my heavenly family

I think of you everyday
I think about you every single day
I'm using this song to say
that I hope I showed how much I really loved you

One of these days not too far away
I know I'll no longer be here
Time marches on and it won't be long
I just want to make it very clear